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RevKids Open House

Join us Feb 1st, directly after church for RevKids Open House! Come see our space, meet our...


Days in the Wilderness

Days in the Wilderness is a lenten study led by pastor Jared that begins Wednesday, February 18th...


Retro Revolution Dance

Our annual retro dance benefiting our El Salvador scholarship program. Save the date - more details...

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Jan 11

King Leopold and the Ten Commandments.

Only one scene in contains someone leaving Jesus presence sad because of their interaction.  This message unpacks that scene.  What does desiring “many possessions” do to us as members of a community?  What does it do to us as people relating to God?


Jan 4

Can I afford to be this poor?

What does chasing money or things do to us at a deep level?  The love of or service of money will render us unable to be thankful, gracious and joyful.  This message introduces us to idea that Jesus invites us to be God’s children rather than money’s slaves.



Dec 21

Nativity Next Door: No House at All

Scripture reading: Luke 2:8-20 

Nativity Next Door

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We think about money…a lot.

If you look closely at the biographies of Jesus in the bible you’ll notice that Jesus talks about or directly interact with issues of finances more than he directly speaks about several traditional elements we associate with Christian thought.  He speaks about money more than eternal destiny, more than the church, more than several aspects of morality.  Jesus knew something about the people he interacted with in the first century—they thought about money…a lot.  The same is obviously true for us today.  We think...

"We Want Thor, and We Get a Baby"

My kids are ready for Christmas.  There are six presents under the tree currently, because somehow they’re mastering self-control and merely stare at them with wonderment.  Additionally, three kids that occasionally can argue over the most absurd things are celebrating the fact that they each have two presents under that tree.  Gracie is six so she reads the names, and the boys cheer. My kids are ready for Christmas.


This morning (Tuesday) I performed my regular ritual of refreshing my twitter feed.  Don’t...

God Incarnate

The shocking miracle of God becoming human is known as “incarnation”.  Therefore Jesus is called “God incarnate” or “the word incarnate”.  Incarnation is a scholastic way of identifying the moments, persons or activities by which what is inherently beyond creation inhabiting creation.  That which is beyond creation thus adopts the limitations, vulnerability, anxiety and immediacy of created things.  For enormous groups of Christians throughout the past two millennia this act of incarnation is the...

Revolution is a United Methodist church in the Westport area of Kansas City, MO. We are liberal and conservative, straight and gay, poor and rich, old and young, and we are One in Jesus Christ. Revolution is also a great place for children to learn. If you have any questions our FAQ’s are a great place to start, or simply Contact Us here. We'd love to hear from you.

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