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Christmas Eve Service

We will host our Christmas Eve service at Revolution at 8pm. We will also have services at...


Roots of Faith classes

Roots of Faith is a four week series of gatherings built around stories: the story of Christianity,...


Roots of Faith classes

Roots of Faith is a four week series of gatherings built around stories: the story of Christianity,...

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Dec 7

Where they Play Dungeons and Dragons

Scripture Reading: Matthew 2:1-2

Nativity Next Door

Nov 30

Nov 16

Do you want God to answer?

Hosea 6:4-6

Jared explores what God may really want to create through our prayers

Two Cans and a String

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God Incarnate

The shocking miracle of God becoming human is known as “incarnation”.  Therefore Jesus is called “God incarnate” or “the word incarnate”.  Incarnation is a scholastic way of identifying the moments, persons or activities by which what is inherently beyond creation inhabiting creation.  That which is beyond creation thus adopts the limitations, vulnerability, anxiety and immediacy of created things.  For enormous groups of Christians throughout the past two millennia this act of incarnation is the...

Sometimes the good news is bread.

"Sometimes the good news is a story about Jesus. Other times, the good news is bread."


A classmate of mine, Muchengetwa, told me that after a preaching class during my junior year of undergraduate studies in bible college. It has served as a good reminder to me in all the years since. I was reminded of that lesson again recently when I was at the Revolution site one evening. I left the building and immediately pulled my hood up against the cold and started complaining to myself as I shoved my hands in my pockets. And then I...

Confession: your pastor loves Christmas.

Confession: your pastor loves Christmas.


He loves it in an absurdly cliched way. He loves the kitsch decorations and the carols and the movies and food and…


I love the holiday season. I love the fact that for more than a month the absurdly beautiful and messy story of God coming to earth as a baby takes center stage. Even the stories that aren’t about that are really about that. Every predictable Hallmark channel movie that’s about second chances and unrequited love that is finally returned is about the...

Revolution is a United Methodist church in the Westport area of Kansas City, MO. We are liberal and conservative, straight and gay, poor and rich, old and young, and we are One in Jesus Christ. Revolution is also a great place for children to learn. If you have any questions our FAQ’s are a great place to start, or simply Contact Us here. We'd love to hear from you.

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