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Rummage Sale to benefit El Salvador

Support our scholarship students in El Salvador by donating your items to our Rummage Sale! Drop...

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Aug 24


Scripture reading: Judges 5:24-27

In the Upheaval

Aug 17

What Does God Require?

Scripture: Judges 11:30-34

Our very own Dustin Adair delivers a message about the promises we make to God that maybe...we shouldn't have. Watch the video here: http://vimeo.com/104016266

In the Upheaval

Aug 10

The Amygdala Chronicles

Scripture: Judges 15:3-8

Watch the video here: http://vimeo.com/103453333

In the Upheaval

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Who are the real preachers?

I try to tell people that the folks I go to church with are the real “preachers”. I mean that in a hippie-tastic, mysterious way of course; that you guys and gals exemplify what it is we professional preachers talk about on a regular basis. You love your neighbors, you are honest about your faith and you do good whenever you can. However I also mean that statement in a very practical obvious way. How fortunate were we to have someone who sits next to us, Dustin Adair, offer our message recently?! (If you missed it, click here for the video.)...

Anyone nostalgically remembering the beginning of the summer?

 Do you remember late May or early June when you were certain you’d get all those projects done and you’d take that trip and you’d simply take more time to relax? Some of you probably accomplished all those things (the rest of us are disdainfully jealous, be patient with us). The majority of you are probably a bit more like me—we really can’t believe it’s August and school is starting again.

However if your family is anything like my family you are aware of a hidden benefit of the impending autumn. Rhythm....

Revolution / Keystone Pentathlon

Calling all athletes, game-lovers and trivia buffs! Join us from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Saturday, August 16 at Keystone for a Revolution/Keystone pentathlon. Teams will compete in a variety of challenges to benefit Neighbor to Neighbor. Register with a team of 4-6 or sign up on your own and meet new people.

Registration cost: One package of men's athletic socks. These an always-needed item at N2N!
Lunch: Bring $5 to purchase a pizza/salad lunch catered by Waldo Pizza or pack your own lunch and eat with the group.

Bring the whole family! Childcare...

Revolution is a United Methodist church in the Westport area of Kansas City, MO. We are liberal and conservative, straight and gay, poor and rich, old and young, and we are One in Jesus Christ. Revolution is also a great place for children to learn. If you have any questions our FAQ’s are a great place to start, or simply Contact Us here. We'd love to hear from you.

500 W. 40th St. KCMO 64111(816)931-1858sunday mornings at 11:30