Sacrifice: to make Sacred

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It all starts with a question

A shirt can say it all

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Lenten Series

February 14
Lent 1, Valentine's Day
Facing the Fear in our Minds
Luke 4: ...


Easter Sunday

Please join us for Easter Service, 11:30 am.

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Feb 4

We Belong: Creator January 17, 2016

Pastor Steve Jones


Isaiah 62:  1-5


Dec 4

Heart: Reconnecting with our Mission

End Game, Revelation 22:  1-8

Associate Pastor Chris Logan


Dec 4

Heart: Reconnecting with our Mission

Inescapable Tendencies, Cruel Intentions - Associate Pastor Chris Logan

John 1:1-18


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Sometimes the good news is bread.

"Sometimes the good news is a story about Jesus. Other times, the good news is bread."


A classmate of mine, Muchengetwa, told me that after a preaching class during my junior year of undergraduate studies in bible college. It has served as a good reminder to me in all the years since. I was reminded of that lesson again recently when I was at the Revolution site one evening. I left the building and immediately pulled my hood up against the cold and started complaining to myself as I shoved my hands in my pockets. And then I...

This is definitely NOT about the Royals...

I’m going to do my very best to avoid writing in praise of the Royals in this pastor’s note.  It’s cheap and unimaginative to make a theological or spiritual point using the Royals’ past three decades as an extended metaphor.  I know this to be true.  Must. Avoid. Temptation.


I’ll keep it at a few sentences.  I’m a huge Royals fan.  Somehow my dad became the only Royals fan in a family (eight siblings!!!) of Cardinals fans.  We listened to Royals games on the radio...

Who are the real preachers?

I try to tell people that the folks I go to church with are the real “preachers”. I mean that in a hippie-tastic, mysterious way of course; that you guys and gals exemplify what it is we professional preachers talk about on a regular basis. You love your neighbors, you are honest about your faith and you do good whenever you can. However I also mean that statement in a very practical obvious way. How fortunate were we to have someone who sits next to us, Dustin Adair, offer our message recently?! (If you missed it, click here for the video.)...

Revolution is a United Methodist church in the Westport area of Kansas City, MO. We are liberal and conservative, straight and gay, poor and rich, old and young, and we are One in Jesus Christ. Revolution is also a great place for children to learn. If you have any questions our FAQ’s are a great place to start, or simply Contact Us here. We'd love to hear from you.

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